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Ask Our Nutritional Therapist! Top 6 nutrition questions and answers

Kirsten Chick (Nutritional Therapist) is great at untangling the confusion around nutrition questions.  She has been called “queen of the analogy” for her skill in bringing scientific concepts to life. Her down to earth approach makes nutrition accessible to everyone, and she inspires people to make simple changes that have a profound impact. Kirsten has […]

Ask Our Holistic Chef!

Our retreats focus on how to make the science of nutrition real and applicable to daily life and how to make healthy food and cookery exciting, interesting, outrageously delicious, educational and inspiring. Hayley has been working as a holistic chef for over 10 years in many different environments – from retreats, training courses, recipe development […]

Bloom Spring Equinox Retreat 2016 – in review

Bloom Spring Equinox Retreat 2016 This year’s Bloom Spring Retreat was doubly special. Firstly it fell actually on the equinox weekend, so we could share and explore the shift from winter to spring together. Plus this year we added a theme of Cycles of Womanhood. This meant that the nutrition workshops, cookery workshops, yoga, qi […]

Mothers Day Brunch

Want to treat mum to a healthy, homemade, nutritious and delicious brunch this Mothers Day – that won’t break the bank or take forever to make? Look no further! This basic tart recipe can be adapted to whatever nuts/seeds/flours you have to hand or whatever seasonal veggies you might have lurking in the fridge. This […]

Guest Blog by Sam Harrington-Lowe of Title Sussex Magazine

This week’s guest blog is from the incredibly productive Sam Harrington-Lowe, magazine editor (Title Sussex), media lecturer, events company MD, author, mother, foodie, intermittent faster and all round inspiration. We wanted to know how she kept her energy and focus going to hold all of that together. We’re particularly struck by her honest relationship to […]

Guest Blog by Puyssentut Retreat Centre

Bloom Holistic Retreats for open to everyone – regardless of age, gender, body size or shape, level of experience in yoga, cooking or nutrition or for those in full health or diagnosed with a serious illness or condition. These are real retreats for everyday real people, with the focus on providing simple practical tools to […]

Why come on a Bloom course?

There is nothing new about cooking courses and now there are many cookery courses available focused on nutrition, whole foods and healthy eating. So why come on a Bloom Cookery Course and what makes it so different from the rest? First we flip the theory. We look directly at how we eat and how we […]

Abundance Bowl Recipe

Abundance bowls are in essence simplicity, but you can also get really creative, versatile and individual in the kitchen. It all depends on what you have in stock, what is available to hand and what YOU want to put in YOUR bowl, what you feel you need right NOW! This is the kind of dish […]

Food for your vagus nerve and gut health

What is your vagus nerve? The vagus nerve is actually a pair of nerves that connects the brain to most of the internal organs, and has a calming influence on the heart and digestive system. It has been called the superhighway between the brain and the gut, as it sends information in both directions rapidly […]

Apple & Hazelnut Butter Cake – Vegan & Gluten Free

This nutrient dense vegan and gluten free cake uses only natural sugars. I love to make it with buckwheat flour which has a nutty and slightly bitter taste that I really enjoy. If buckwheat is not for you then feel free to substitute it with any flour, such as spelt, kamut, oat, rye etc. But […]