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Winter Wellness – Holistic Cookery, Recipes & Self Care

Welcome back to Part 2 of our blogs on the water element and winter wellness. There are many ways to support our bodies and wellbeing holistically on a daily basis – through food, nutrition and natural self care. The most important thing, particularly in winter, is to try not to take on too much, especially […]

Incorporating Five Element Theory Into Daily Life

WINTER & THE WATER ELEMENT In our seasonal blogs on the application of Five Element Theory into daily life we focus on transitional periods and seasonal shifts, and the things that can we do each day to support this process. The earths cycles affect us in profound ways, and we have a choice: to honour […]

Make space in your diary… for rest, breakfast and retreats

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a restful, joyful and love-filled time – or at the very least, given yourself a chance to take stock of 2015 and start setting new intentions for 2016. Now’s a great time to go through your 2016 diary and block out space. We tend to use our diaries […]

From summer into autumn: food, yoga and lifestyle advice

Chinese Five Elements: Late Summer into Autumn, Earth into Metal In ancient Taoist philosophy and at the core of the teachings of Chinese Medicine is the system of the 5 elements, and what is known as Five Element Theory. Here at Bloom Holistic Retreats we resonate strongly with this approach and understanding of our interconnectedness […]

Mountains, mindfulness and millet burgers

We had stunning mountain views, almost wild horses, mischievous donkeys, an abundant allotment and fruit trees, chilled out and happy dogs, invigorating waterfalls and frozen watermelons. We had amazing food and cookery workshops, nutrition workshops, early morning chi kung, late afternoon yoga, gently intensive one-to-ones and more sunshine and heat than England gets in a year. We […]

Energy boosting recipes, tips and Italy course!

When the sunshine comes out, we often feel a natural boost in energy – but how can you sustain this all year round, and what if your energy levels still aren’t great? Natural rhythms Firstly, it’s important to accept that our energy levels have natural rhythms. So just as we feel more tired at night, […]

Casali Del Soratte… a nature lover’s paradise!

  Our venue for this summer’s Nutrition & Cookery Course is a nature lover’s paradise. Located 50 km north of Rome, Italy, in the protected area of Monte Soratte, Casali enjoys 19 hectares of unspoilt countryside nestled in a valley and surrounded by mountains, olive groves and rural farm land. The course aims to teach you how […]

Calming the effects of stress – recipes, tips and Italy course

One of the main factors involved in all disease is stress – or rather how your body responds to trauma and stressful conditions. The physical effects of stress: In a  nutshell, your physical response to any stress or trauma is to coil up, ready to spring into action, whether that’s to fight or to run away. Digestion, reproduction […]