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Crazy about Chestnuts!

At Bloom, we love the Taoist Five Element approach. This inspires both our courses and the way we cook in our own lives. Using the five element system as a guide to support health, is an intuitive and logical way to work with self-care. At this time of the year, the body is going to […]

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe

This broccoli, kale, pine nut and dulse seaweed salad is a great example of an anti-inflammatory dish. Delicious served alone or alongside a nourishing cup of miso soup, it also makes for a great accompaniment to a piece of simply grilled or baked fish. Steering clear of processed, ready-made and convenience foods is a great […]

Joint health, inflammation and diet

  Are you aware how much your diet could be affecting your joint health? Most people with achy joints, weak joints, arthritis and other joint health problems look only to painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, sometimes spending years taking pills with a long list of side-effects. Others more pro-actively focus on exercise to ease out and strengthen […]

Five foods that create inflammation….and their alternatives!

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to danger and stress. In a healthy situation, it serves as a good friend to our body. Harmful inflammation is when the immune cells over react – to things like illness, stress, certain foods or a virus. Food can create inflammation if the body is unable to process or […]

Guest Blog from Dr Rachel V Gow: Diet and ADHD

Our latest guest blog shares an inspirational story of a mum who turned her own and her families lives around – through study, hard work and determination. With a young son labelled with ADHD, she made it her mission to become an expert in the subject and take their healing into her own hands! Over […]

The Gut-Brain-Adrenal Triangle

The Gut-Brain Axis You may have heard of the Gut-Brain Axis. It’s been a hot topic among nutritional therapists and other health professionals for a while now. What’s more, we’re learning more and more about the impact of their relationship all the time: How the balance of your gut bacteria can affect your mood, mental […]

Gut health: your gut, your brain, your body and you

Why your gut is crucial to health and wellbeing! ….a series of nutrition and cookery events for 2016/17 focused exclusively on the digestive system and gut health. Over two one-day workshops and an intensive week-long retreat, we will dive deep into the function and mechanics of the digestive system. Both to discover why this area […]