Puyssentut Retreat Centre

Bloom Holistic Retreats for open to everyone – regardless of age, gender, body size or shape, level of experience in yoga, cooking or nutrition or for those in full health or diagnosed with a serious illness or condition. These are real retreats for everyday real people, with the focus on providing simple practical tools to support health and wellbeing, meeting the individual where they are at in their lives at any given moment.

chateau-3This year we have decided to run our summer immersion retreat at a centre in France that is offering inspirational work in the world of holistic health care for those with or recovering from cancer. We love the work they are doing at Puyssentut and feel honoured to be able to go and host one of our retreats in their beautiful venue and through this support them in what they are offering. We asked Angela, one of the founders of Puyssentut, to tell you more about why Puyssentut is such a special place and to fill you in on the important work they are doing there.

Over to you Angela……….

Chateau-de-Puissentut-02“Puyssentut is a retreat in Gascony, SW France where people who have, or have had, cancer can take time out for themselves. It is a caring, nurturing haven where you can relax, rest and reconnect with yourself as a person rather than being an illness. On offer is yoga, meditation, complementary therapies, plenty of rest, walks and delicious, nutritious food balanced to the needs of people with cancer.


The retreat was established 3 years ago by us – Angela Wood and Dirk-Karel de Geus. Dirk was inspired after 3 close friends were diagnosed with cancer. One chose not to go down the conventional treatment route and Dirk supported her by bringing in a professional macrobiotic cook to cook for her. Dirk cooked alongside her and became excited by foods’ power to heal, at the same time he witnessed how little supporting care of this sort was available through the hospitals and so the idea for a retreat was born.

13-relaxing-in-the-sunProviding tasty, nourishing food in convivial surroundings and inspiring and empowering people to eat healthier is a core aspect of the Puyssentut vision. Hayley is a regular cook at Puyssentut retreats. The sounds of appreciation and awe are clearly audible when her dishes arrive on the table.

Few people who come for a Puyssentut retreat are used to a no-meat, no-dairy, no-sugar and no-wheat diet but none are disappointed when they experience it. Instead they are typically amazed by the richness of colour and flavour and all remark on how much better they feel.
When people have had the chance to experience the pleasure and well-being they can receive from an holistic diet they naturally want to know more about what they’re eating and how they can make changes at home. Kirsten, with her de-bunked, no-nonsense and achievable ideas and information about nutrition equips guests with what they need to make do-able but significant changes that are sustainable.
We are excited to be able to support those who work with us by opening our doors to their retreats. We are delighted that Hayley and Kirsten will host their Summer Bloom retreat here. Not only do Hayley and
Kirsten’s retreats complement and deepen what we hope to create through our retreats but by working together and supporting each other we strengthen the community as a whole.

IMG_0781Community is another core aspect that lies at the heart of what Puyssentut stands for. Puyssentut was built with the support of many family members, friends and volunteers and the success of our retreats reflects the selfless commitment of those who work with. But most importantly while guests, therapists and cooks are here they form, even if only for a short while, a caring, sharing community that is safe, nurturing and supportive and creates a fertile environment in which to thrive and bloom.”


To find out more about Puyssentut and help spread the word please visit their website at http://www.puyssentut.org/

You can also help support this venue by hiring it for events, retreats, family holidays etc which helps Angela and DK offer more of the vitally important cancer retreats.
Visit http://www.chateaudepuissentut.com/

To find out more about our Bloom retreat this summer go to https://bloomholisticretreats.com/summer-retreat/