cookery and nutrition for gut health

cooking for gut health

Why your gut is crucial to health and wellbeing!

….a series of nutrition and cookery events for 2016/17 focused exclusively on the digestive system and gut health.

Over two one-day workshops and an intensive week-long retreat, we will dive deep into the function and mechanics of the digestive system. Both to discover why this area is so important to our overall health and vitality, and to explore how to give it the nutritional support it needs.

Each is a stand-alone retreat, but they also build on each other so you can develop your knowledge and learn how to apply it best with ongoing guidance and support from two highly experienced practitioners.

Why is your gut health  so important?

Gut health is currently a hot topic, and with good reason as the health of the digestive system is central to everything! The levels of inflammation in your digestive tract, the balance of your gut bacteria and the health of your intestinal wall impact not just how well you digest foods, but also your immune function, your nervous system and stress responses, your brain function and more.

Energy levels, weight, mood, movement, breathing, emotions, creativity and our sense of connectedness are ALL affected by the food we eat and how the body responds. Every part of us is influenced by the ‘microbiome’ and the balance of our inner bacterial world.

Everything from persistant headaches or joint pain, bloated bellies and discomfort, skin breakouts and acne, obesity, low energy and tiredness, depression, obsessive thoughts and unstable emotions could all have their origin in an imbalance of the gut bacteria.

This balance can be disturbed for many reasons such as the food we eat, the quality of water we drink, stress, environmental toxins, household products, toiletries and cosmetics, antibiotics and medication.

What will you get from a Bloom Retreat?co cooking workshops

Here at Bloom the main focus of our courses is not just nutritional facts and tasty recipes. We don’t just look at what we eat. Our interest is in what happens to the food we consume? Can the body actually process, absorb and assimilate nutrients effectively? How can we support the body in creating a healthy inner environment so that the food we eat is of real benefit?

Our courses go into detail. We make the science and nutritional facts understandable and relevant to day to day life. We provide holistic cookery training to help you develop your kitchen confidence and wisdom as well as learn specific recipes to support your gut health. The practical tools and skills we share are there to help you find the right way for YOU!
If you want to find out more about this fascinating and integral area, plus learn ways in which you can make wiser choices for your gut health, then we would love to have you join us.


Bloom Retreat Dates 2016/7

One Day Retreats

Oct 22nd 2016 and March 18th 2017 – East Sussex, UK

Part 1 (Oct 22nd 2016) – Digestion, Stress and Inflammation

Part 2 (Mar 18th 2017) – Gut Bacteria in Mental & Physical Health

Note new venue: Ditchling Village Hall, East Sussex

The venue has a commercial kitchen so these Day Retreats will be as practical as they are informative and insightful.

More info & bookings here

Summer Retreat

July 4th-10th 2017 – Chateau de Puissentut, France


Our intimate retreats are where things really get personal!


With one to one sessions alongside the group lectures and cooking classes, yoga, qi gong and meditation, a week of delicious, nourishing food and most importantly time for you, there is the opportunity to go deeper into your journey…