Why stress is the number one cause of most chronic illness…

…and how you can actively do something NOW to counter the physical and mental effects of stress in daily life!

Do you find yourself without sufficient energy to get on with your day?
Maybe you find yourself reaching for caffeine, or sugary or starchy convenience foods, to get your energy boost. Are you also confused and overwhelmed by the overload of conflicting information around nutrition? One article tells you about the latest energy boosting diet or superfood, only to find another saying it’s bad for you.

Do you feel physically tense and struggle to relax and let go?
Ever been in that situation where you find yourself getting short-tempered with your family and colleagues? Or feeling overwhelmed by even the smaller challenges of daily life?

Do you suffer from regular joint pain, headaches, eczema, asthma, digestive problems, cystitis, depression or any chronic health condition?
And feel like you have tried everything, taken all the pills, but nothing is changing?
If you have answered yes to any of these, then the Bloom Cookery & Nutrition Retreat July 7th-12th in Italy is perfect for you.

Il casali del soratte

  • Learn how inflammation is at the root of ALL chronic conditions.
  • Understand how reversing the effects of stress with mindfulness and nutrition can help (see below for stress-busting recipe)
  • Explore specific anti-inflammatory foods and ways of eating
  • Acquire easy to incorporate self care practices for daily life that can help keep you centered and calm, not only when you are stressed out.

The Bloom Cookery & Nutrition Retreat won’t just make you feel better for a few days. You will have leave having acquired skills for life!


For the price of just £795 you will get:

* CPD accredited Cookery & Nutrition Course – offering 25 points to complementary therapists, healthcare professionals, chefs and yoga teachers

* 8 hours holistic cooking training

* 6 hours nutrition talks and guidance on naturopathic practices

* Scaravelli inspired yoga classes

* Evening meditation sessions* Daily sunrise chi kung

* Guided silent walks in nature

= 30 hour in-depth course – worth over £600


* Accommodation and food worth £350

* Free welcome goody bag

* Transfer to and from local train station 

Extra Bonuses!

* Free copy of The Holistic Kitchen e-book – value £8.99yoga

* Free private yoga session with Hayley North on the retreat – value £60

* Free consultation with Kirsten Chick – value £85

* Free 30 min follow up phone or skype consultation with Hayley North about food and cooking – value £30

* Free 30 min follow up phone or skype consultation with Kirsten Chick about your nutritional questions – value £30

* Skills for helping yourself feel better throughout your life – value £PRICELESS!

This retreat is just a month away – so book now

(click link to go to info and booking page, or e-mail info@connectwithnutrition.co.uk)


eat smileIn this detailed programme you will gain a thorough understanding of the following potentially life changing information:

  • The key causes and the nature of stress
  • Effects of stress – fight/flight/freeze/fatigue/collapse
  • The mechanics of chronic disease – stress, adrenals and inflammation
  • How to support the Adrenals
  • Countering Inflammation
  • Improving absorption of nutrients


hayleychefIn the kitchen you will discover how to practically interpret your nutritional understanding into delicious, nourishing, life giving meals by:

  • Taking the stress out of cooking ‘healthy’- understanding ingredients and the alternatives to processed convenience foods.
  • Broths workshop – how to make real broths ‘just like in the old days’!
  • Identifying the key foods that cause/contribute to inflammation and how to easily replace them in our diet
  • Healing Foods – looking at traditional and cultural dishes considered to be healing, that can be used therapeutically as well as day to day.

Why our retreats are small and intimate

It is so important to us at Bloom Holistic Retreats that you do not just feel like a number or another participant and we don’t want you to get lost in a big group. We believe in the power of retreats to help create profound shifts and transformation in life and the deep sense of rest and rejuvenation that can be felt by taking time out of day to day routines to focus solely on ourselves.

We keep our intensive retreats intimate and with small groups of up to a maximum of 7 people, which means that you have plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered and your needs met. Plus you get the added benefit of 2 expert facilitators, with over 40 years’ combined experience, allowing you to receive one to one guidance during our time together.


About Hayley and Kirsten

Hayley and Kirsten met in Brighton almost 10 years ago and have been working together for over 7 years. Kirsten was a regular at Hayley’s yoga classes and Hayley sought out Kirsten for reliable and trusted nutritional advice. Through the mutual respect of each other’s work they found many connections and realised that they were both talking about exactly the same thing in the same way, just through the different lenses of natural nutrition and yoga. Resonating on common ground they decided to bring their work together and have been offering regular workshops and retreats ever since.


But don’t just take our word for it!

Here are a few words from some of our previous participants….

“Kirsten and Hayley I cannot thank you enough for creating this amazing experience. There has been such a beautiful and gentle bond between us all. The skillful blend of bodywork, talks, meditation and nourishing wonderful food has given me so much support and opened my eyes once again to my own opportunity and potential. WOW:)”
Julia T.

“Thank you SO much once again. This has been my 3rd retreat with you both – and I want more! Together you create such a wonderful space of allowing and trusting, loving and nurturing – which provides a safe foundation for taking risks, letting go, absorbing information, gaining insights and making shifts. And it’s all wrapped up in oodles of joy and fun!
I’ll definitely be back!”
Linda T-H

“Kirsten & Hayley created and held a really safe, supportive, gentle, nourishing and loving space for us. The whole retreat was brilliantly planned, organised and run in a way that catered for each individual’s needs and met each of us where we were at and helped us move forward. Thank you both.” Frances M.

“Retreats I believe should be life changing experiences. This one was most certainly that. Hayley and Kirsten created an environment that felt safe physically and emotionally, they work really well together, their skills are complementary and they clearly have a great deal of respect for each other. The whole experience was joyful. I laughed, cried, played and shared in ways I would not have thought possible with a group of people I had only just met. Thanks.” Lynette N.

So book now to join us in Italy July 7th-12th for a very special retreat:

(click link to go to info and booking page, or e-mail info@connectwithnutrition.co.uk)


hayley-picHayley North has over 25 years experience in the catering industry and has had a major food revolution in her life coinciding with her discovery of yoga, healing arts, nutrition and wellbeing practices 15 years ago. She has completely reeducated herself from a chip and sweet shop junky to a conscious cook and eater finding inspiration and guidance from the worlds of ayurvedic nutrition, chinese 5 elements and food energetics, natural nutrition, raw/living foods, fermented foods, traditional cookery methods and wild foods. Hayley’s main passion is in helping people feel empowered and liberated instead of confused and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing what foods to eat and how to cook. In addition to her own studies and continual personal growth Hayley also has experience in the following areas:

* 10 years teaching yoga – trained at Natural Bodies in Brighton, UK.

* 6 years retreat chef – cooking for over 150 yoga and health/fitness retreats worldwide, for private teachers and healthy holiday companies.

* 10 years experience facilitating workshops, courses and retreats.

* Recipe development and chef training experience.

* Holistic cookery educator.

* Author of The Holistic Kitchen ebook.

* Co-Founder of The Women’s Wellness School in Italy


kirsten chickKirsten Chick firmly believes that food is meant to nourish you, not punish you!
She sees too many people who are scared to eat anything, beat themselves up around food or are stressed out with confusion. She aims to help people find their own clear and enjoyable way with food, maximising both their nutrient intake and the pleasure they get from eating – in fact it’s difficult to have one without the other.
Kirsten has built up a busy nutrition practice over the last 10 years, which she balances with writing, speaking and lecturing on nutrition. Her interest first began over 15 years ago with a cancer diagnosis, and while cancer-free herself, Kirsten continues to work with many people with this and other chronic diseases – as well as with well people who want to stay healthy, couples seeking to have children, pregnant women and more.
In addition Kirsten has a wide range of experience:

* Completed her diploma at Barbara Wren’s College of Natural Nutrition in 2003, and was soon a lecturer and tutor at the college.

* Lecturer at Sussex University in Nutrition on a Foundation Degree Course in Complementary Healthcare

* Nutritional Consultant on Nutrigold’s education team compiling articles and offering webinars.

* Has run many cookery workshops, women’s health workshops and nutrition workshops on a wide variety of health topics.

* Runs 6-week nutrition courses at Evolution Arts in Brighton,

* Retreat facilitator and guest speaker on holistic retreats for many years.



Focus on vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is one of the best anti-stress vitamins you can include in your diet. It has been shown to down-regulate the secretion of cortisol, which can go through the roof with long term stress, affecting sleep, digestive processes, blood sugar levels, inflammation processes and much more. One of the best sources is Shitake mushrooms, and you can also get fantastic amounts from avocados, broccoli, eggs, sunflower seeds and spirulina.


High Five B5 Breakfast


  1. Steamed Quinoa (nice with added amaranth and helps save time if you have some left from dinner the night before)
  2. Dulse & Wakame seaweed – soak overnight if you want to save time or for a minimum of 30 minutes
  3. Eggs – obviously the best quality, organic/free range, from the happiest chickens you can find!
  4. Vegetable – and you have to hand – I had carrots, leeks, garlic, broccoli and chard
  5. Avocado

*PLUS: Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil – from reputable supplier (you could also use coconut oil), and tamari and/or sea salt to taste.



When cooking the quinoa and amaranth from scratch soak overnight, rinse well and steam or cook in water as per the instructions on the packet.

* If you are using some you have left over simply re steam for 2 minutes or so or heat for a few minutes with splashes of water if a saucepan.
Prepare all your chosen vegetables, cutting as you wish.

Drain the soaking seaweed and cut into small pieces with scissors (I put the soaking water on my plants or in the garden, they love it!).

Beat the eggs together with salt and pepper if you want scrambled, otherwise you could also try poached.

Heat a large frying pan. Add the oil and immediately add the garlic and leeks. Stir.

Saute for approx 5 minutes until the leeks soften adding splashes of water occasionally to create steam and stop sticking.

Add the seaweed and stir well.

Add your hardest vegetables first, stir and saute for a few mins. Continue adding your chosen veggies going from the hard to soft last. Any leaves are the final addition.

Cook the veggies al dente (meaning they still have some crunch and bite) and when they are ready stir in the quinoa and amaranth. Combine well.

Taste and season with tamari/salt/pepper.

Finely slice the avocado and cover with lemon juice.

Cook the eggs as the final task.
I serve topped with the spirulina flakes (because I love them right now!), you could also top with soaked or dehydrated/activated sunflower seeds or sprouts.

For more recipes and advice to soothe the effects of stress, click here.