You can experience low energy at any age
You can experience low energy at any age

You can experience low energy at any age

Low energy is one of the most frequent complaints I hear. “I’m fine in the mornings, but then I crash around 3/4pm.” “I can’t get out of bed in the mornings.” “I wake up tired, and push myself through the day and by the evening I’m on the floor.” “I’m exhausted all day, then I get a burst of energy in the evening and can’t go to bed.” “I have so many plans and ideas, but I don’t have the energy to carry them out.”

For some, diet is an obvious factor: perhaps there’s too much sugar or too many processed foods, or maybe mealtimes are irregular, and there’s just not enough goodness going in.

Others may feel frustrated because your diet seems great, but perhaps you’re not absorbing the nutrients so well, or your lifestyle is too punishing, or you need extra support for your adrenals and thyroid. Sleep is often a problem too.

From low energy to high vitality

Whatever the case, we can help you bring more vitality back into your life. On our retreats, we help you understand why your energy is low, and share food and recipes, simple yoga, breathing and movement practices, and other practical tips to help you make a real difference.

Here are a few things you can try today:

  • Next time you reach for a coffee to keep you going, have a cup of warm water instead (or at least as well). It’s amazing how much fatigue is down to simple dehydration – and coffee is a diuretic, so will make you pee more water out.
  • Have a protein-rich breakfast: perhaps some eggs, or plain yoghurt with a little fruit and some nuts and seeds, or add nuts and seeds to your porridge. It can be surprising how the quality of your breakfast can impact your energy for the rest of the day.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables every day. Spinach, kale, watercress, cabbage, rocket, seaweed…these all provide an astonishing array of nutrients that help your cells make more energy, nourish your blood, lungs and airways, and generally keep your tissue healthy and in good working order.

Our Bloom Summer Retreat has a special focus on improving energy levels and reducing the effects of stress. Book now to reserve your place.

I had a good time on the retreat and met some lovely heart warming people. I have more energy and feel more patient and calm. Long may it continue! – Claire G, Bloom Retreat Particpant