Often on our retreats people come with members of their family. This is something so special to witness for us. Seeing mothers and daughters (and even sons), sisters or the closest of friends sharing a retreat together is a beautiful sight to behold. In today’s guest blog we asked one of our previous participants to tell us about her experience.

Over to you Melissa…..

I love Hayley North and Kirsten Chick’s work so it was a real treat to attend a Bloom Retreat with my sister a few years ago. Bought as a Christmas present we headed off to the five-day Spring Equinox cleanse retreat with excitement and trepidation. With a super busy work schedule and two young children I was so need of a break and this had come at the perfect time. I’d never left my kids for that long before but they were growing out of the stage when they needed me 24/7 and I was feeling the pull to start to find myself again.

Having my sister beside me helped me feel connected to family and less bereft at being apart from my
daughters for so long but there were more profound benefits to sharing the retreat with my sibling, as I was to find out.

Reading back over the journal that I kept during and after the retreat (this was thoughtfully provided by
Kirsten and Hayley, along with other goodies!), I remembered what a comfort it was to have my sister beside me as we approached this transformational work.

We shared a room together but also had plenty of space to ourselves to rest and reflect. I was able to identify three areas that made the experience 100% more powerful. Firstly having her support during the retreat was invaluable. Each night we would check in with each before we went to sleep and were able to get a deeper insight and understanding of the particular challenges and blocks that we needed to work through and celebrate each others progress too. It was wonderful to be able to have a giggle at the end of the day too!

With my sister beside me I had more strength to delve deeper into the transformational practices. It felt as though her presence offered me deeper stability and security so that I could work through some of the deeper changes that were required. She gave me motivation!

And one of the best aspects was the fact that after the retreat had ended and we had made our way back home and into our lives we were able to support each other to keep practicing the cleansing techniques and stay with a cleaner, more nutritious diet. We motivated each other once we got home and it helped me stay on track knowing that my sister was holding me accountable and me her.

We still refer back to the techniques and practices that we learnt on the retreat and I’d thoroughly recommend sharing the life-changing work that Hayley and Kirsten do with a sibling.”

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