HOW we eat is as vitally important to us as WHAT we eat.

Eating mindfully helps support a healthy digestive system which needs a calm and tranquil environment to function at its best. If we are feeling stressed, in a rush or full of toxic thoughts and negative emotions, these all impact on the digestive system and cause contraction/inflammation.

You can ask yourself the following questions to get an idea of how you currently eat.

grinding spices* Do you eat sitting down and in peace and tranquility?
* Do you generally eat on the run, rushed or standing up?
* Do you eat at regular, consistent times or do you eat irregularly and inconsistently?
* Do you eat slowly or quickly?
* Are you able to realise and acknowledge when you are full?
* Do you enjoy food or find eating a chore?
* Do you enjoy cooking?
* Do you eat out a lot?




untitled shoot-8736-EditCooking and eating are sacred acts.

They are sensual, meditative and spiritual practices that unite us with the earth and cosmos and awaken the visual, taste, smell, sound and feeling senses.

If we eat toxic or inflammatory foods, eat when stressed or in a rush, are oblivious to what we are eating or if our body really needs or wants it and always eat out or never cook our own food, then we are not helping ourselves to function at our best and feel as vital as we could.



So apart from what is actually on the plate, here are a few basic guidelines on ‘how to eat’ for optimum health and digestion.

IMAG1981* Wash your hands
* Bless your food in any way that feels right to you
* Never eat when emotional
* Breath and relax!
* Be well hydrated before you eat
* Avoid drinking at meals and try to leave space of at least 30 minutes, ideally 1 hour, between drinking water before and after a meal. Having the stomach full of liquid dilutes our digestive enzymes and compromises our digestive fire, literally see it as pouring water onto a fire!
* Chew, chew, chew!
* Celebrate the meal
* Eat in silence or with good conversation and company
* Do not eat until you feel stuffed
* Take a short walk after evening meals and do not eat too late (ideally not after dark)

We cover all of this and much more in our holistic cookery classes which form a core part of all our retreats

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